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(Last updated: Jul. 2022)

Selected works

  • Moiré physics

  • Noncollinear phases in moiré magnets, with Kasra Hejazi and Leon Balents, published in PNAS, 2020.

  • Heterobilayer moiré magnets: moiré skyrmions, commensurate-incommensurate transition and more, with Kasra Hejazi and Leon Balents, published in PRB as editor's suggestion, 2021.

  • Magic continuum in twisted bilayer square lattice with staggered flux, with Chao-Ming Jian and Cenke Xu, published in PRB, 2021.

  • Metal-Insulator transition with charge fractionalization, with Yichen Xu, Chao-Ming Jian and Cenke Xu, published in PRX, 2021.

  • Twisted bilayer U(1) Dirac spin liquids, with Urban F. P. Seifert and Leon Balents, on arXiv.

  • Topological phases and beyond

  • Boundary theory of X-cube model in the continuum, with Ryan C. Spieler, Hao-Yu Sun and Andreas Karch, on arXiv.

  • Boundary Hamiltonian theory for gapped topological phases on an open surface, with Yuting Hu, Ren Pankovich, Yidun Wan and Yong-Shi Wu, published in JHEP, 2018.

  • Correspondence between bulk entanglement and boundary excitation spectra in two-dimensional gapped topological phases, with Brendan G. Pankovich, Yuting Hu and Yong-Shi Wu, published in PRB, 2019.

  • The structure of fixed-point tensor network states characterizes the patterns of long-range entanglement, with Ethan Lake and Yong-Shi Wu, published in PRB, 2017.

  • Realization and identification of quantum spin liquids

  • Monitored Quantum Dynamics and the Kitaev Spin Liquid, with Ali Lavasani and Sagar Vijay, on arXiv.

  • Honeycomb rare-earth magnets with anisotropic exchange interactions, with Gang Chen, published in SciPost Physics Core, 2020.

  • Spinon magnetic resonance of quantum spin liquid, with Ethan Lake, Jia-Wei Mei and Oleg Starykh in PRL, 2018.

  • AdS_3/CFT_2 duality

  • Universal relations for holographic interfaces, published in JHEP, 2021.

  • Holographic duality for Ising CFT with boundary, with Andreas Karch and Hao-Yu Sun, published in JHEP, 2021.

  • Establishing strongly-coupled 3d AdS quantum gravity with Ising dual using all-genus partition functions, with Chao-Ming Jian, Andreas W. W. Ludwig, Hao-Yu Sun and Zhenghan Wang, published in JHEP, 2020.

  • Topological entanglement entropy in Euclidean AdS3 with surgery, with Hao-Yu Sun, published in JHEP, 2017.

Selected talks and posters

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